Every Main Street business is, first and foremost, a hospitality business. Business owners who understand this and transform the way their space interacts with its users will create outstanding, attractive anchors of their place, becoming the reason why people come to downtown.People keep saying retail is dead. Only boring retail is. Main Street Mavericks looks at 40 years of main street evolution, and proposes a path for business owners to build wealth and prosperity by offering unforgettable Main Street experiences.


Jaime J. Izurieta is an architect, designer and author focused on the interaction between users and the built environment. Jaime is the founder of Storefront Mastery, an award-winning creative agency that works with place management organizations to design and activate the interaction between local business and the community.
With over 20 years of experience as an architect, designer, small business owner and economic development consultant, Jaime proudly serves communities all over the nation from Montclair, New Jersey.

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Main Street businesses are quirky, diverse, unique, and offer a tremendous contribution to the identity and pride of their town. Each one from a different place. The support offered by local organizations is often not tailored for all the different kinds of businesses that coexist in downtown, resulting in opportunities lost and resources left on the table.Main Street Mavericks looks at local businesses from the perspective of Product, Value Proposition and Operations, to craft a strategy for transforming businesses via cross pollination and embracing the principles of hospitality and experience creation.


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